Who Has The Fastest WordPress Hosting Platform?

Fastest Managed Wordpress Hosting Review

Are you looking for bigger and better when it comes to your WordPress hosting? It seems every day we run into a new client that is running on antiquated and outdated (WordPress v.2 in 2019!?!?!) WordPress hosting that would benefit from a bit of routine maintenance. When it comes to your website, why wouldn’t you […]

How to Convert & Move Your AdWords Express to Full AdWords

Google makes a fair amount of things easier online. When it comes to advertising online, Google created a very easy to use ad platform that is slimmed down for most Small Business Owners called AdWords Express. For many SMB’s, AdWords Express is all they will ever need. However, there are a fair amount of users that […]

Google Shares How to Hire an SEO

You asked for it, and here it is… How to Hire an SEO! Google recently added a new video to their “do you need an SEO” help page. The video walks you through the process of hiring an SEO consultant or SEO firm. It tells you what to look for, what questions to ask, what […]

Integrate Instapage with Pardot

How to Use Pardot and Instapage to Capture Leads (without webhooks) There doesn’t seem to be a simple way to integrate Instapage with Pardot for lead capture and campaign management, so we created a quick workaround that should get this done in just about any CRM or lead capture/management platform. Instapage recommends using Webhooks, which […]