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Who Has The Fastest Wordpress Hosting Platform?

Are you looking for bigger and better when it comes to your WordPress hosting? It seems every day we run into a new client that is running on antiquated and outdated (WordPress v.2 in 2019!?!?!) WordPress hosting that would benefit from a bit of routine maintenance. When it comes to your website, why wouldn’t you want the best/fastest/most reliable? Here are our top two picks for the fastest WordPress hosting platform.

WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting

We’re currently using and enjoying WPEngine as the managed WordPress host of this website. They do a fantastic job of keeping us notified of any updates, system issues, and overall performance of our WordPress managed-hosting. Being able to use their agency and developer tools to spin up customer website demos is second to none. They continually improve the performance of our managed WordPress sites and their new service plans are phenomenal. Included CDN, We always recommend that our top performance clients start with WPEngine plans and grow from there.

Pricing: $35/mo+

BigScoots Managed WordPress Hosting

We’ve recently started using BigScoots for various hosting options. VPS, Shared Servers and Managed WordPress hosting are all fantastic options they provide. Where BigScoots excels though – customer service! Opening a support ticket with our previous provider was a tedious, delayed, and often unending string of emails and chats. BigScoots is quick to respond initially, thorough in their response, and usually resolves the matter on the first try. Point blank, they do what they do, and they do it very well. They’re not trying to sell you 10x other services. Just a good, clean, web hosting provider that has great bandwidth and response time. Their servers are optimized, bulletproof secured, and scalable as you and your hosting needs grow.

Pricing: $34.95/mo+

Both Solutions Provide Hassle-Free Hosting

What we like about both of these managed WordPress solutions is that we are finally out of the job of managing the servers. Instead of focusing on patches, upgrades, and security issues, we just set it and forget it. We trust both WPEngine and BigScoots with managing and handling issues on our behalf. What used to be a daily review of server logs, system utilization analytics, running manual patches and updates, and monitoring for the latest security vulnerabilities is gone. Handing the keys over to their support teams allowed us to increase our own production internally on projects that move our business forward – not maintenance and housekeeping.

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WPEngine Managed WordPress HostingBigScoots Managed WordPress Hosting

Have your own WPEngine or BigScoots story to tell? If not, what hosting provider do you currently use? Let us know in the comments below.