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Google Shares How to Hire an SEO

You asked for it, and here it is… How to Hire an SEO!

Google recently added a new video to its “do you need an SEO” help page. The video walks you through the process of hiring an SEO consultant or SEO firm. It tells you what to look for, what questions to ask, what some of the red flags are and so much more.



This is a great introduction to validating many of the standards we always recommend to our clients and friends:

  • SEO takes time (4-12 months) to see results
  • Share recommendations with Google published statements supporting issues
  • Descriptive and Unique Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Language Markup
  • Serving Human Visitors a good experience
  • Build a good brand
  • Updating navigation and infrastructure

Also avoiding things like:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Overusing Keywords
  • Junk link building

Conduct an interview

  • Conduct a 2-way interview
  • Check references
  • Ask for a technical and search audit

When it comes to starting the process to Hire an SEO consultant or firm, our recommendation is to take your time. Nothing is “time-sensitive” and nobody can do it any faster than the next (unless you’re talking about professionals vs amateurs). Don’t game the system, and follow best practices and white hat efforts. You can do worse harm to your site if you take shortcuts and try to beat the SERPs with some new shiny tactic or trick.

Good luck to you all!