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Facebook Ad Guidelines

Just a quick post as some people need quick advice and we want to make it easily searchable from our site. If you’re doing Facebook Ads, the following recommendations will help you get up and running without too much hassle. These are the currently recommended Facebook Ad Guidelines to get started using Facebook Ads:

  • Recommended Facebook Ad Sizes
    • 600px x 315px
    • 1200px x 627px
  • Ad Image Requirements
    • File format: .JPEG, .GIF (static*), or .PNG
    • Images must have less than 20% text. Test with Facebook text overlay tool.
    • The file size must be less than 8MB
    • Ads cannot be animated
  • Ad Text Requirements
    • Text (required): 90 characters recommended, including spaces
      This is the main message that you want to share with your visitors. Your goal is to give your visitors a compelling reason to act.
    • Title (required): 25 characters recommended, including spaces
      This is the headline that appears below your ad image. Your goal is to grab your visitors’ attention in one line.
    • Link Description (optional): 200 characters recommended, including spaces
      This is the text that appears below your headline. Use this field to provide any additional information you want to share, such as a description of what your business does.
    • Destination URL: Website or landing page URL
  • Facebook Ad Placements
    • Facebook has four placement types:
      • Desktop News Feed
      • Mobile News Feed
      • Facebook Right-Hand Column (RHC)
      • Facebook Audience Network (FAN)