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Established in 2014, WHIPSAW Media’s expert team manages several hundred thousand clicks daily, helping our customers sell their products and services across various industries. Our primary goal is to lay a foundation of reliable, consistent, and comprehensive digital marketing messaging to qualify and reach your intended audience. This ultimately translates into revenue and profits, helping your business achieve new heights of success while simplifying the technological hurdles of digital marketing through automation, reporting, and accountability.


Our team is selective with our customers. This allows us to focus on providing exceptional value and consistent digital marketing processes mutually beneficial to WHIPSAW Media and our customers.

We are located in Huntington Beach, CA. However, we service customers all across the United States.

"They seamlessly execute our entire digital marketing strategy with incredible skill and expertise. We have worked with them for many years on our marketing strategy for both inbound and outbound leads. As a result, our SEO and SEM leads went from nonexistent to becoming our most significant source..."

Joseph Maller

Director of Sales, UpCurve Cloud

Meet The Team

Thomas Paquet

Thomas Paquet

President & CEO

About Me

My Story & Why I Believe We Can Help You

I have over 15 years of experience working with B2B (business-to-business) companies in sales, marketing, and advertising. I've founded and grown 3 businesses in the last 25 years with various exits and levels of success. I know first-hand what it feels like to spend money on marketing to grow revenues and work with various internal and external resources.

I have also worked with more than 35+ B2B customers in our agency and one-on-one consulting, so I have seen various strategies (both winners and losers) in actual practice. Rather than chasing shiny objects, we focus on delivering essential and foundational strategies that achieve our customer's KPIs consistently.

Recent Highlights

  • A SaaS customer received an average of 50 MQLs/mo. Our revised and achieved target was 200+ MQLs/mo. There were so many new leads that the customer had to pause our inbound efforts to hire new BDRs to manage the volume.
  • An Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign targeting F1000 companies for a billion-dollar staffing agency resulted in 7 new contracts/deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in net new revenue.
  • A SaaS customer with a $1.5k/CPL and minimal closed deals. Our revised and achieved target was $85/CPL and a consistent supply of new business (10% closing ratio).
  • A B2B service provider had seen a consistent drop in CPL (started 4 years ago at $800/CPL), and we've driven new leads consistently at $65/CPL and revenues exceeding $350k in ARR.
  • A B2B energy company successfully launched a new brand website and awareness campaign and closed several multi-million dollar deals within 12 months of launch.

Joe Matthews

PPC Strategy & Team Lead

Dillon Jones

Dillon Jones

SEO Strategy & Team Lead

Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson

Finance & Accounting

What Exactly Is A Whipsaw?

whipsaw detail painting

Team Work

Our team is on one end of the saw, our customer is on the other. We work hand in hand to get the job done together.

Building Strength & Flexibility

Wood is a durable, flexible, and strong building material. Digital Marketing requires strength and flexibility to achieve success.

Goal Focused

No matter how large the task, we cut right to the core and get the job done!