About Us


A Small Team, With HUGE Ideas

At WHIPSAW Media, our expert team manages several hundred thousand clicks daily, helping our clients sell their goods and services across a broad range of industries. Our primary goal is to lay a foundation of reliable, consistent, and comprehensive digital marketing messaging to reach your intended audience when they need you most. This ultimately translates into sales and profits, helping your business achieve new heights of success while simplifying the technological hurdles of digital marketing.

While our team is small, we only work with a very select number of clients. This affords us the opportunity to focus on providing exceptional value and custom-tailored services that are mutually beneficial to WHIPSAW Media as well as our clients. We are conveniently located in Huntington Beach, CA. However, we service clients all across the United States.


Our digital marketing team is certified in several platforms and networks.

Digital Marketing Team Meeting
Google Partner - AdWords & Analytics
Facebook Blueprint Certification
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner

Why “WHIPSAW Media” and All This Chopped Wood?

Define WHIPSAW Media

Team Work

Our team is on one end of the saw, Our client is on the other end. We work hand in hand to get the job done, together.


Building Strength & Flexibility

Wood is a durable, flexible, and strong building material. Digital Marketing requires strength and flexibility to achieve success.


Goal Focused

No matter how large the task, we cut right to the core and get the job done!

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